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Incorporate a company through Swiftly to qualify for an Interest-Free Loan with funding Societies!

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All you need to do is... Incorporate a company with us!

The application process for this interest-free loan is straightforward, with approvals granted in just three days. This allows you to quickly access the necessary funds and focus on growing your business without bureaucratic delays.

funding societies start-up financing

Start-Up Financing

  • $6,000 loan quantum
  • ZERO interest and fees on timely repayments
  • Easily Accessible to young underserved companies
  • Simple application process in 5 mins
  • Swift approval and disbursement - within 3 working days


Incorporating your business with Swiftly is a strategic move for any entrepreneur. Why? Swiftly not only streamlines the incorporation process, making it quick and hassle-free, but also offers an incredible financial benefit: an interest-free business loan through Funding Societies.

For those seeking startup funding in Singapore, this is a golden opportunity. By incorporating with Swiftly, you can qualify for a startup loan of up to $6,000 without the burden of interest rates. This extra capital can be used to purchase equipment, hire staff, or launch a marketing campaign to enhance your brand's visibility.

Swiftly’s efficient incorporation services, combined with financial support from Funding Societies, set you up for immediate and long-term success. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your business with the right support. Incorporate with Swiftly today and take the first step towards a prosperous future for your business.

Company Incorporation in Minutes | Fully Digital | Affordable Incorporation Packages

Enjoy fast and seamless company incorporation service in Singapore with Swiftly today.



With access to Swiftly's proprietary technology.

  • payments Government Fees of S$315 Included
  • face_4 Named Company Secretary for 1st year
  • volunteer_activism Basic Company Secretarial service for 1st year help What's included?
  • volunteer_activism Facilitate opening of Bank Account



With unlimited drafting of Director's Resolutions.

  • verified Everything in Basic
  • auto_awesome Premium Company Secretarial service for 1st year help What's included?
  • volunteer_activism Facilitate opening of Bank Account



With Nominee Director & Registered Office Address.

From S$1750