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Fully Compliant Nominee Director

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Nominee Director Service in Singapore

Ensure a smooth company incorporation in Singapore by appointing our trusted nominee director today.

Not just a Face

Our Nominee Directors are law abiding Singapore citizens with ethical profiles. They will assist to sign off legal documents.

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With Swiftly’s Nominee Director service, foreign entrepreneurs can operate businesses in full compliance with Singapore's Companies Act.

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Nominee Director Requirements

Company Incorporation Myinfo & Dropbox Logo

MyInfo & Dropbox Sign

Gather your directors, shareholders and user Myinfo to automatically verify and extract your personal information. Experience effortless and efficient document signing through our user-friendly Dropbox Sign tool.

Company Incorporation Myinfo Dropbox Singapore
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Documents Needed

Expedite your nominee director appointment process by preparing in advance the information needed. Information required can be found below.

Company Incorporation Documents Requirements

Appoint a Nominee Director in Minutes | Fully Digital | Affordable Packages

Get your nominee director appointed swiftly and seamlessly with us today.


Fulfil statutory requirement for local director.

If you are a foreigner looking to set up a company in Singapore, our Basic Plan for Nominee Director Singapore is tailored to fulfill the statutory requirement for a local director.

S$1200 / year
  • face Acting as named Nominee Director
  • account_balance Opening bank account with free e-signing 1
  • edit S$50 per signing of resolution/document


With unlimited signing of resolutions.

As a foreign entrepreneur seeking enhanced services for your Singapore company, our Premium Plan for Nominee Director is the ideal choice.

S$1500 / year
  • verified Everything in Basic
  • account_balance Opening bank account with free e-signing. Option for free physical visit to bank.2
  • all_inclusive Unlimited signing of resolutions 3

1 - Any physical trips to the bank will be chargeable at S$200/trip.

2 - Subsequent trips to the bank will be chargeable at S$200/trip.

3 - Only for documents with no legal liabilities that requires more than 1 director's signature. Case-by-case basis.

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Incorporate a company in Singapore, within minutes.

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