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Incorporate a company through Swiftly to qualify for an Interest-Free Loan with funding Societies!

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Company Incorporation Singapore
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Singapore Company Incorporation Requirements

Company Incorporation Government Requirements
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Government Requirement

  • At least 1 resident director
  • At least 1 shareholder
  • Company Secretary
  • Minimum Initial Paid-Up Capital of just $1
  • Singapore Registered Office Address
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MyInfo & Dropbox Sign

Gather your directors, shareholders and user Myinfo to automatically verify and extract your personal information. Experience effortless and efficient document signing through our user-friendly Dropbox Sign tool.

Company Incorporation Myinfo Dropbox Singapore
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Documents Needed

Expedite your company incorporation process by preparing in advance the information needed. Information required for company incorporation can be found below.

Company Incorporation Documents Requirements

Company Incorporation in Minutes | Fully Digital | Affordable Incorporation Packages

Enjoy fast and seamless company incorporation service in Singapore with Swiftly today.



With access to Swiftly's proprietary technology.

  • payments Government Fees of S$315 Included
  • face_4 Named Company Secretary for 1st year
  • volunteer_activism Basic Company Secretarial service for 1st year help What's included?
  • volunteer_activism Facilitate opening of Bank Account



With unlimited drafting of Director's Resolutions.

  • verified Everything in Basic
  • auto_awesome Premium Company Secretarial service for 1st year help What's included?
  • volunteer_activism Facilitate opening of Bank Account



With Nominee Director & Registered Office Address.

From S$1750

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Company Secretary

Company Secretary

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Nominee Director

Nominee Director

Appoint a fully compliant local Nominee Director with ethical profiles in Singapore. No security deposits required.

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