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ACRA Made Simple: Your Essential Guide to Business Incorporation in Singapore

17 Jul 2023
guide to acra in singapore

What is ACRA

Starting a business in Singapore requires a clear understanding of the regulatory framework in place. The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) plays a vital role in this process. ACRA is the national regulator of business entities, public accountants, and corporate service providers in Singapore. It is responsible for maintaining the transparency and integrity of Singapore's business environment.

How ACRA Works for Businesses

ACRA has several functions that facilitate business incorporation and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Here are the key ways ACRA works for businesses:

1. Company Registration: ACRA oversees the registration of companies in Singapore. It provides a seamless process for entrepreneurs to establish their businesses by offering online registration services.

2. Business Information Repository: ACRA maintains a comprehensive business information repository accessible to the public. This repository contains essential details about registered companies, such as company names, directors' information, and financial statements.

3. Compliance and Regulatory Oversight: ACRA ensures that companies comply with legal requirements, such as filing annual returns, holding annual general meetings, and maintaining proper accounting records. It monitors compliance and takes appropriate action against non-compliant entities.

4. Intellectual Property Protection: ACRA also administers the registration of trademarks, patents, and designs in Singapore. This ensures that businesses can protect their intellectual property rights and operate in a secure environment.

What is BizFile and BizFile +

BizFile is ACRA's online filing and information retrieval system, which provides a convenient platform for businesses to interact with ACRA. It offers a range of services that streamline administrative processes and enhance efficiency. BizFile+ is an enhanced version of BizFile, offering additional features and functionalities.

Benefits of BizFile+ for Businesses

BizFile+ offers numerous benefits to businesses operating in Singapore. Some key advantages include:

1. Convenience and Accessibility: BizFile+ allows businesses to access various services online, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and visits to ACRA's office. Entrepreneurs can conveniently manage their company's administrative matters from anywhere and at any time.

2. Efficiency and Speed: With BizFile+, businesses can submit and process various applications quickly. It reduces processing time, enabling entrepreneurs to focus on their core business activities without unnecessary delays.

3. Integrated Services: BizFile+ integrates multiple services into a single platform, offering a seamless experience for businesses. Users can access services related to company registration, filing of statutory documents, and updating company information, among others.

4. Enhanced Security: BizFile+ ensures data security and confidentiality, providing a secure environment for businesses to manage their sensitive information. It incorporates robust security measures to safeguard against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Incorporate with Swiftly and Assure Full ACRA Compliance

When incorporating a business in Singapore, it is crucial to ensure full compliance with ACRA regulations. Swiftly Incorporation Services offers comprehensive assistance in incorporating businesses while adhering to ACRA's requirements. By engaging Swiftly, entrepreneurs can expect the following benefits:

1. Expert Guidance: Swiftly's team of experienced professionals possesses in-depth knowledge of ACRA regulations and incorporation processes. They provide expert guidance to entrepreneurs, ensuring a smooth and compliant incorporation experience.

2. Efficient Process: Swiftly's automated incorporation service is integrated with MyInfo, enabling entrepreneurs to submit a form with required documents all within 2-3 minutes. Subsequently, our automation technology generates corresponding legal documents within seconds, minimizing administrative burdens and providing a seamless online experience for entrepreneurs.

3. ACRA Compliance: Swiftly ensures full compliance with ACRA's regulations, reducing the risk of penalties and non-compliance issues. They meticulously review all documentation to meet ACRA's requirements, giving entrepreneurs peace of mind.


How long does it take for BizFile+ to process updates?

The processing time for updates on BizFile+ may vary depending on the nature of the update and other factors. In general, straightforward updates, such as changes to company addresses or contact details, can be processed within one to three business days. However, more complex updates or those requiring additional documentation may take longer.

It is advisable to ensure all required information and supporting documents are submitted accurately to minimize processing time. If there are any urgent updates or concerns, businesses can contact ACRA directly for assistance.

What is the ACRA registration number?

The ACRA registration number is a unique alphanumeric code that serves as an identification number for a registered business entity in Singapore. When a company or business is incorporated or registered with ACRA, it is assigned a specific ACRA registration number. This number becomes an essential reference for official and legal purposes.

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