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How To Utilise Packaging Inserts

03 Apr 2023
How To Utilise Packaging Inserts

Increasing e-commerce revenue

It’s great to have new customers, but being able to retain old customers is how you succeed in the e-commerce world. Not only does this help you to increase revenue and profit, but also brand awareness without having to spend more money on marketing.

Packaging inserts are one of the methods that you can use to retain these customers and increase brand awareness. Read ahead to know more about how to utilise packaging inserts.

What are packaging inserts?

Packaging inserts are accompanying documents that come with a product. Most of them consist of product information. However, packaging inserts today are no longer just limited to documentation – they can take the form of personalised notes, festival greetings and even stuffed toys.

If you are someone that owns an e-commerce business, packaging inserts are a good way for you to publicise your products. They are fairly low-cost and can help you increase sales and brand loyalty in the long run.

Why you should use packaging inserts

Not all companies will have the budget to spend money on customised packaging. Fortunately, packaging inserts are an affordable way for you to get to your goals without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are just some reasons why using packaging inserts is an ideal marketing method:

  • Light 

Most packaging inserts that take the form of gift cards, product samples or vouchers do not take up much weight or space in the package.

  • Repurpose excess products 

Sometimes, certain products that you buy may not be able to sell. In this case, you can use these products as packaging inserts as an incentive to your customers. This way, it helps you convert leftover products into marketing expenses and helps you create a relationship with your customer at the same time.

  • Targeted strategy

Unlike other marketing strategies that are focused on a broader audience, packaging inserts target a specific group – returning customers. This allows you to create more personalised and creative packaging inserts to be directed at these customers.

  • Low cost

Marketing and publicity methods such as advertisements and hiring influencers often translate into high costs for your company. On the other hand, packaging inserts cost a negligible amount and will help you deliver the results you want.

  • Cross-selling promotion

What this means is that your packaging insert is used to provide an overview or review of other products that your store sells. Since your customer has already purchased one product, the introduction of another product from your brand can pique their interest.

How to use packaging inserts

  • Include handwritten note

If you can do so, include a handwritten note in the packages that you send to your customers. This thank you note is a great way for you to show your customers that you appreciate them and will help create a personalised experience for them. 

At the back of the card, you can also include a loyalty promotion code to encourage further purchases. This is a great way for new companies to find and retain customers.

  • Product sample

Product samples will help add value to your customer’s purchase. You should be able to get complimentary samples from your vendors at times, which also helps to save costs. Furthermore, you will be able to kill two birds with one stone as it is also a way to cross-sell your products.

  • Gifts

An unexpected gift is bound to make a positive impact on your customer. Similar to handwritten notes, these gifts will help to forge a relationship with your customer. This gift does not have to be expensive, but it would be great if you could include some form of customisation. This will convince your customer to come back to your store again.

  • Request for a product review

Though most transactions end when the package reaches the customer, you can take it one step further by asking for a review as part of the packaging insert. You can incentivise them by offering a small discount after their review is made. Not only will this encourage customers to make future purchases, but also allows you to get feedback on your products.

  • Discount offers

Singaporeans are known to be attracted to good deals and big discounts. As a business owner, be sure to levy on your packaging inserts to offer discounts to your customers. These discounts don’t have to be big – start small with offers such as free shipping or 10% off your next order. Only offer discounts that you can afford!

Growing your business

Even though you may own a business now, it doesn’t take away from the fact that you are still a customer of other businesses. Everyday activities such as online shopping and eating at restaurants make you a customer. The best way for you to utilise packaging inserts will be to ask what you would want to see as a customer.

These are just some suggestions that we have to help you grow your business through these marketing strategies. If you need further help with your business plans, don’t hesitate to contact our expierenced team for assistance.

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