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Pandemic-friendly Business Ideas for you to Invest in

03 Apr 2023
Pandemic-friendly Business Ideas for you to Invest in

Business ideas during the pandemic

Since the pandemic first landed on our shores, many businesses have found it hard to stay afloat or grow due to restrictions. However, some business ideas have bloomed from this worldwide pandemic. If you are looking for a new business venture while waiting out Covid-19, here are some ideas that are likely to do well both during and after the pandemic.

Delivery service

With people stuck indoors, the pandemic has seen a dramatic increase in online shopping and the use of delivery services for gifts, food, shopping and the likes. Food delivery services such as Grabfood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda have become some of the most convenient food delivery platforms, while other logistic service companies such as Ninjavan and Qxpress have also seen an increase in demand.

If this interests you, you can consider focusing on the delivery of goods that are not readily available through existing delivery platforms. You can also consider working with local businesses to deliver their goods right from the store or supplier directly to the customer.

Box-subscription companies

Another business idea that has gained traction during the pandemic has been box-subscription companies. The best part about these is that they can take on any type or form of product, from skincare to food and even lifestyle products like scented candles and more. Depending on your product, you can also target a wide range of different age groups too.

The key is to identify a niche market that has not been explored yet and curate specific products and experiences for that audience. With so many untapped markets, the possibilities are endless when it comes to box-subscription ideas.

Virtual fitness and wellness programs

Since the pandemic forced everyone indoors, people have been turning to fitness and exercise to help them relax from work or to take a breather from being cooped indoors for too long. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of home-based workouts that have been popularised from YouTube workout videos.

Even as restrictions have been easing, this trend in health and fitness has continued to increase. If you have a background in health, exercise and wellness, you can create content to provide tips and workout routines for people to follow. Examples also include easy to follow recipes and other things as well. You can also provide personalised training and diet plans for your audience to follow at a small cost.

Virtual activities for remote teams

Though restrictions are easing, work from home (WFH) remains the default for many companies in Singapore. Many virtual technologies such as Zoom and other software have grown in popularity for helping teams stay productive and connected. However, as important as productivity is, it is also important for teams to be able to bond together.

Company culture is built through human interactions. Since in-person bonding activities are largely not possible now, many are looking for ways to build camaraderie offline. Here is where you come in – you can host and moderate online bonding sessions for these companies. You can even ship virtual “activity kits” for teams to do together in real-time over video. The more interactive your ideas are, the better. There are plenty of opportunities to offer your assistance with team building in this era of remote work.

Educational toys and games

With the virus still spreading around, parents are looking for ways to keep their kids active and engaged at home outside of TV time. As an entrepreneur, you can fill this gap in the market with educational toys and games that bring the outdoor experience indoors.

Many parents express a strong preference for educational options when it comes to their children’s entertainment these days, especially with more children in front of the screen. If you can create and sell physical toys or digital games and apps that allow children to learn new things while remaining engaged, you will likely be successful.

Virtual tutoring

Even as students have returned to school for in-person learning, the demand for virtual tutoring will likely remain high. Virtual tutoring is often effective and even helps children and their parents save time travelling.

If you are looking to start a virtual tutoring agency, you can start by defining your expertise in what subjects and at what level, such as primary, secondary or JC level. The level you choose will determine if you will be working with parents or adults who are old enough to manage their schedules. 

Pandemic-friendly ideas

If you’ve been looking to start a new business, here are some business ideas that you can invest in. For those who already have a business idea but need help with administration and paperwork, drop us a chat through our website chat where our team of experts will assist you.

Even as the pandemic continues to rage across the world, there are still business ideas that are thriving and growing. Read our latest article to find out more about what these businesses are!

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