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Top E-commerce Niche Products in 2021

03 Apr 2023
Top E-commerce Niche Products in 2021

Selling niche products on e-commerce

Singaporeans are known to be prolific online shoppers, and the popularity of online shopping has only gone up since Covid-19 hit our shores. Almost 80% of Singaporean users have made online purchases since 2019. 

Given the popularity of online shopping, it is only natural for entrepreneurs to seek business through e-commerce. But given the variety of products and services available to be sold online, it can be quite confusing to decide what you want to sell. For some inspiration, read on to find out what are some of the niche products you can sell online.

  • Fashion 

Fashion products such as dresses, shoes and handbags have high search volume according to Google Trends. This comes as no surprise, considering that most Singaporeans are fashion conscious. Furthermore, clothes and fashion accessories are evergreen items that are popular all year round. 

If you are keen on selling fashion products, leverage on visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to become more visible t your customers. Maintain a frequent posting schedule and use hashtags so that your brand will be discoverable. Be sure to also make use of social media functions such as reels to promote your products.

  • Cosmetics and personal care 

Things like facial cleansers, perfumes and colognes are also popular items that you can consider selling. The personal care market in Singapore is expected to reach SGD 580 million in 2021, making it a profitable product to sell. 

Facial cleansers are a daily necessity for most Singaporeans. If your product does what it says it does, you are almost guaranteed return customers that will help you increase profits. In this industry, you will gain profits if you can get loyal, returning customers.

When it comes to perfumes and colognes, bespoke fragrances and those that are locally made have been popular in recent years. Many local brands also offer workshops that allow people to create their fragrances. 

To draw customers to your products, you can provide samples as packaging inserts when customers buy your other products. This is a form of cross-selling that can help generate hype around your product.

  • Household products

The recent pandemic has made hygiene and cleanliness an even more important part of our lives these days. This has also marked an increase in demand for household cleaning products – and this trend is likely to stay. 

As more people are staying home, activities such as exercise and cooking happen indoors more often, which means that people will be cooking more. As cleaning products are not a one-time purchase, you can consider offering subscription packages for your products or services and offer discounts to incentivise potential customers.

  • Food products

Other than bubble tea, Singaporeans have also shown interest in other types of teas such as herbal and Matcha teas as well. Many restaurants are incorporating teas into the recipes, and influencers and blogs have also been promoting these dishes.

Finding niche products

If you’ve been deciding on what product to sell, hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration. If you need any other help regarding accounting and paperwork, be sure to reach out to us at Swiftly.

E-commerce is one of the most lucrative markets to enter these days. If you’re looking for a niche to sell on your e-commerce platform, check out our latest article to find out more.

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